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Sales leaders have a trusted ally with our Sales Operations Specialists to perform the operational tasks that help spot trends, maintain a hygienic CRM, and busy a sales cycle.

Sales teams often have superior tools, like advanced CRMs, yet under-utilize their potential for insights mainly because no sales team member wants an administrative role. With the APX Leads, Sales Operations Specialist (your SOS!), it becomes easy to assign tasks such as:

  • Analyze sales pipelines, incl. gathering granular data from individual reps
  • Provide consistent reporting on sales figures, trends, and performance
  • Clean, scrub, and otherwise evaluate CRM data for accuracy, up-to-date information

Don’t let a lack of technical talent stand in the way of a healthier sales pipeline. With APX, this role can be a strength in your organization.

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Sales Specialist/ Sales Manager
+40 hours/week/agent
dedicated CSM
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